Georgia Hardinge for Channel 4 'The Future of 4 On Demand' Video

Channel 4 advert georgia hardinge

For their television advert, 'The Future of 4 On Demand', Channel 4 approached Georgia Hardinge asking her to create a futuristic sculpture dress from her bespoke pleating techniques. 

backstage tv commercial channel 4

filming advert georgia hardinge channel 4

Georgia has worked on many other bespoke orders, such as stage outfits and costumes. Her sculptural aesthetic is particularly appealing to brands and lends itself well to stage, television and film productions.

georgia hardinge bespoke costume design

georgia hardinge film channel 4

The sculpture pleated dress was created through hand folding card in an origami style technique - a style that is a signature of Georgia's. This was then supported by boning to help fit the body and attach to the other half of the dress.

backstage costume sculpture georgia hardinge

channel 4 georgia hardinge

Creating the bespoke Sculpture Dress.