Sculptural Sustainability

The fashion industry is currently one of the most polluting on the planet, and is responsible for significant environmental and social impacts, in turn contributing to climate change.
Georgia Hardinge endeavours to ensure that her unique pieces are better by design and consciously focuses on improving the sustainability of both products and processes in developing each collection.
From the fibres that make up our materials, through to production processes and packaging supplies, all impacts are considered and best practice choices are made along the supply chain to ensure that our products are both high quality and responsibly made.
Georgia's creative ethos offers an alternative to fast fashion and the over consumption of trend led clothing, by encouraging a conscious approach to wardrobe building, inspiring customers to appreciate each purchase and its longevity.
Georgia Hardinge has always sought to place positive fashion and the environment at the forefront of the brand's values, setting goals each year to improve operations in this regard.


From 2019, Georgia Hardinge has continually introduced varied certified sustainable fabrics into her collections.
The brand collaborated with materials organisation, The Sustainable Angle, to source the latest sustainable fabrics from specialist mill. By the end of 2019, Georgia Hardinge and her partnership with The Sustainable Angle, were announced as finalists for the Draper's award for Sustainability. A great honour for the brand and recognition for the work put in place to improve its practices.


Georgia Hardinge products seek to be better by design, aiming to create more responsibly produced fashion. We aim to keep all carbon emissions as low as possible when manufacturing each collection.
Our toiling and sampling processes are all done locally by a small team in London - from pleating tests and initial draping to final sample. All production facilities are either in London, or nearshore within Europe.

The GH brand supports local craftsmanship by working closely with skilled hand pleaters, helping this local trade flourish and looking to innovate such a traditional, creative process. Through design, we hope to inspire a new generation of pleaters.


All Georgia Hardinge packaging is designed to be eco friendly and crafted using sustainable materials.
We use either FSC certified papers from sustainable, renewable forests, or materials made from recycled paper and cardboard, that can then be recycled further after use.
Our garments are hand packaged into poly bags to ensure they arrive in good condition to our customers. We choose to make these from biodegradable polymers as a better option for the environment.
Georgia Hardinge urges its customers to please reuse or recycled all packaging sent with each order in the correct recycling facility.

Charity Work

Georgia Hardinge is proud to support charities and initiatives that make the world a better place.
Since partnering with The Elephant Family in 2016, the GH brand have raised over £200,000 for wildlife conservation. Each project that GH collaborate on with The Elephant Family helps to raise awareness for animals that are at risk or endangered.
Protecting the world's oceans is also important to Georgia Hardinge. The brand regularly donates and works closely with the Beach Clean Network to raise awareness for their 2 minute beach clean initiative.